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Fyers Brokerage Calculator: Calculate your Profit

Are you really confused about the brokerage charges of the Fyers?
Or, they confused you with their Trading Options?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Fyers Brokerage Calculator will help you in finding the actual and latest brokerage charges of Fyers.

With the help of these calculators, you can calculate the brokerage for all asset classes like Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Equity Futures & Options, Currency Futures & Options, Currency Commodity.

Along with all these Brokerage charges, it will also calculate other charges like transaction charges, STT, Stamp Duty for each State, SEBI turnover charges, GST & Transaction Charges. Let’s Understand each brokerage in detail:

Fyer Brokerage calculator will help you to know the exact Pricing Plans of brokerage. Once you start using it properly, you understand that these features of Fyer will help you see the brokerage of each section like delivery, future & Options, and commodity.

Due to its unique Feature, the trading and investing process have become much more comfortable.  These unique Features and some achievements make it more reliable and trustworthy.

Fyers Delivery Brokerage Calculator

In delivery trading, the stocks you buy are added to your Demat account, and you can sell those stocks according to your profits and gains, which means you can possess those stocks for days, weeks, and months.

While doing this or holding the stocks, fyer will not charge anything for this position. So, you can say that delivery trading is Free.

Fyers Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Intraday Trading is exactly as its name says, i.e., Buying and Selling of Stocks on the Same day before the market Closes. In case you forget to sell your shares on the same day, your broker has all the rights to square-off all your Position.

Intraday Traders generally practice the tips and tricks of trading. They are pro enough when it comes to trading. Usually, traders do the trading in the first hour because the volatility is generally high.

If you frequently trade, then to know the charges of trading is also equally vital. For that, you can rely directly on Fyers Brokerage Trading Calculator. You must see the brokerage charged by the brokers; some brokers also take the holding charges. It would help if you chose the broker who generally charges the lowest brokerage.

Fyers Brokerage generally charges Rs. 20 per Trade, and this price you can check through Fyers Brokerage Calculator as well.

Fyers Option Brokerage Calculator

Options are contracts that give the holder the right to buy or sell an amount of some underlying asset at a predetermined price before the deal expires.

You can calculate the brokerage by using the Fyers Brokerage Calculator for Free. Brokerage charge by Fyers Broker is Rs.20 per Trade (Excluding GST), 18% GST is applicable on this.

Fyers Future Brokerage Calculator

Future Trading involves a legal contract to buy or sell a Share at a predetermined price and time in the future. In option there is no obligation but in future there is an obligation to sell. The predetermined price and time is called the Future Price and delivery date respectively.

This particular trading involves little bit of risk, but if you are comfortable in taking risk then Fyers help you to derive or make a good profit from the trade without much danger.

You can again calculate the trading brokerage by using the Fyer Brokerage Calculator. The value for the trade from the fyers future brokerage calculator is Rs.20 for each of the trade (Excluding Tax).

Fyers Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

Currency Option is the contract which gives an option to the buyer or seller to buy or sell a certain currency at a defined exchange rate before the option expires. Currency Option is also Known as Forex option.Currency options generally come in two varieties, called vanilla options and SPOT Options and it allows traders to speculate on currency moves. You can trade comfortably here, as the risk involved is pretty less or manageable.

Hence, if you have decided to trade in a currency option, then you must calculate the brokerage fees on the Fyers Currency option Brokerage Calculator. The Brokerage Charge, generally shows the broking price of Rs.20 per trade (Excluding GST)

Fyers Commodity Brokerage Calculator

Commodity Trading is the buying and selling of commodities. This Trading is generally done through commodity Futures and Options. Commodity Trading is quite good as it will help you to earn a reasonable Profit and at the same time it is the best way to protect against inflation.
Generally traders choose this category to trade, as it offers transparency and traders know what they have to pay. If you have decided to trade in this category you must know the brokerage amount. You can calculate the brokerage by using Fyers commodity Brokerage calculator. Fyers brokerage charges Rs. 20 per trade (Excluding GST)


In Spite of being new in the market, Fyers gear up like anything. Investors and traders started liking the platform because of their innovative approach. Their Platform is famous among millenials due their nominal costs.

If you are looking for the trading platform which is 100% free, then you can go for this broker. The account opening procedure of the account is absolutely Free.
Apart from the account and screener, Fyers brokerage calculator also comes in trend for offering details and easy platform for investment and trading.
We tried our best to jot down every possible information here about the broker. Hope You like the information.

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