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How to Earn Money From Bluehost India Affiliate?

Bluehost India Affiliate is the best way to earn money. If you are also the blogger and are into this blogging, then you know what Bluehost India is Famous For. If you don’t know about that, then No worries, I will explain.

For those people who are wandering or want to start their own blogs then there are two basic things which you need the most first is domain name and second is hosting. Bluehost provides you the both in the best deal. If You want to know how to make money from this affiliate, please read it till the last.

For writing the blogs or making the website, the Content management system is generally required, people generally use WordPress. You can even make a website with the help of coding, but if you want to start a blog then WordPress is the best deal to start with. Bluehost will provide you the best deal for WordPress as well. We personally love Bluehost services, as it provides one click WordPress installation.

If You are looking for hosting particularly for WordPress then Bluehost India will have following options. We will discuss each of the three options in detail and all the features which will benefit you in the future. This Image will show you immediately when you click on WordPress.

Features of Bluehost WordPress Plans-

1. Firstly it is very fast, easy and the most secure Hosting, which will be installed in minutes without taking much of your time. You can trust the brand as it is widely available and having huge database.

2. Secondly, in other hostings you might have to buy an SSL certificate from a different source, but here the plan itself includes the SSL certificate. SSL certificate is very important as it will provide your website with security, every website should possess this.

3. Thirdly, it will provide you the domain name that’s again for 1 year, that too includes in the package. Domain extension is for .com and .in types of quality extensions. If you are confused with domain name then this is the domain name.

Detail Explanation of Bluehost Plan-

Bluehost WordPress Plan comes with three different prices, all of these three are designed exclusively for WordPress. Below is the Image of the Plans you can refer to for your information.

Basic Plan- In this plan you can have only one website on per hosting, along with a Free SSL certificate. But the drawback is SSD storage, it will be good to buy unmetered SSD Storage. Domain name is free for one year, this feature is available in all the three plans. In this plan you can have 25 subdomains, i.e This type of subdomains you can have for 25 websites. The cost is Rs.199/month.

Plus Plan- We can say this plan has an exaggerated feature of the Basic Plan. Like you can have unlimited websites, Free SSL certificate, Free domain. You will get unmetered SSD storage, Parked domains and subdomains, this is the plus in this Plan. On the upper hand you will get the Microsoft office Email as well, but only for First 30 days after that you have to buy the plans.

Choice Plus- This is the recommended Plan by Bluehost, but I will recommend you to go with Plus Plan, if you want to host small websites like blogs. Choice plus come with the plus features like Code guard Basic Backup, other than this have each and every features same as Plus Plan.

Apart from this the customer support is available for 365 days, if you feel that you are stucked somewhere they are available for the help immediately. This is one of the most reliable hosting available in the market, Plus the crashing percentage of this website is also very low. You can go with this Hosting.

Now, you know everything about the hosting. So, did you know how you can make money out of this. Just recommend this hosting to your connections and get the percentage of their buying. This wonderful opportunity is available on their platform. All you need is to sign in the form and get the unique link, and if the person can buy anything from that unique link then you will get the affiliate amount. Following is the process to register in affiliate.

If you want to make money with amazon affiliate then first of all you need to visit and then click the affiliate directly on the top. The below page will be open on your desktop. You can see the signup button, just click there and fill the following requirements.

Once you click on signup, a form will be open, where you must fill the information. Following is the list of information-
Enter the following Personal Details-

  • Enter Your email id,
  • Next, enter your first & last name.
  • In the next field, add the name of your company.
  • Then fill your address details like city, state, country, Pin code in next fields.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Add your fax number in this field; if you don’t have fax then you can leave it blank.
  • Here enters the name of your website or blog.
  • Choose your profession such as blogger.
  • Now tick mark to agree to its terms & conditions.
  • Click on the sign-up button.

    Once, you fill up the information, company will send you an email after verifying your details and the reliability of your website. If the details filled by you is correct then, they will provide you the link to set the password of your dashboard. In this dashboard you will find the unique link, which will track your onboarding customers and you will be paid on that basis only.  You will get the amount after you complete the certain amount. So, what you guys are waiting for, let’s try this out!!

    Conclusion- Bluehost India is one of the best hosting providers. We will try to cover every possible thing, which will help you to decide to go ahead with the hosting or not. On the other hand you can even earn good amount by using Bluehost india affiliate program. Hope you like this article, please do share this.

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