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How to Send Private Message on Facebook: Step by Step guide

Nowadays, people widely use Facebook pages for marketing their products and basically for campaigns, as a personal Facebook account doesn’t support campaigns. 

Are you using the Facebook page as well?You may also hear that Private messages on Facebook can bring a lot of sales for you. 

To some extent, it’s so true, because in any business, personal connection always matters, and it can fetch you a long term relation with the customer. Today, we decided to give you a step-by-step guide on how to send private messages on Facebook and some useful tips to convert your potential customers.

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we would like to recommend you to have a Facebook Page because it will not only give you the online presence but also it will prooves your reliability ; it will boost up your credibility. Now, without any delay, let’s dig into the question.

How to send Private Message on Facebook

In your account, you might observe that you can’t send the private message through the Mobile app until and unless you have a Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger is just like WhatsApp and hike, you can connect to your friends via messenger, and on the other hand, when you want to send a message from chrome or desktop, then there is no need for a messenger; desktop will allow you to do the news directly.

Similar is the case with Facebook page or business accounts. Let’s see how to send private messages on Facebook on a desktop.

Send Private Message on Desktop Facebook Profile

Although there are various ways to send Private messages on Facebook, you can use messenger, directly search your friend’s name, and message him/her now. Step by step guide for one of the method is here in the below section:

1.First and the foremost step is to log in to your Facebook Profile by putting your credentials.

2. If you want to send the message to the person who is already your friend, choose the Friends tab in your navigation bar.

3. After going into the friend’s section, search the friend name whom you want to send the message with the help of the search section given on the left upper hand.

4. Once you find your friend and go to your friend’s Profile, you will see the messenger tab. Just click here, and it will take you to your friend’s messenger section.

5. The place where you can send private messages to your friend and even the emojis, videos, etc. The hidden part is your friend’s name and profile picture.

By following such easy steps, you can send private messages, emojis, and videos with your respective friend.

In this way you can send private message to your Friend. Now, we will see how to send messages to the strangers. Find the steps below,

1.Go to your Facebook account, you can see the navigation bar. There is a search section, type your random friend’s name. For instance, we categorize “Katrina Kaif.”

2. You will see the right amount of profiles appear with the same profile name. You have to choose your friend and click the Profile. The blue tick will denote the authenticity of Profile.

3.Once you enter into the Profile you will see the section the same, as given in the below picture. Click the messenger, Woah!! Now you can send a private message to a random person.

Send Private Message on Mobile Facebook App

We have mentioned earlier that when you want to do a chat on mobile, you must have the messenger app installed on your mobile. Just go through the steps below to know the process.

1.Install the Facebook mobile app and login into the app with the help of credentials.

2. To find the list of friends, clicks the three lines on the upper right corner; it will show you your Profile; there you can see the friends option.

3. After clicking the friend’s option, you will see the friend requests and all friend’s tabs. Just click the all friends tab.

4. You will get the search icon on the top simple type the name of your friend and go into the Profile, you will see the section having a messenger icon.

5. click the option and woahh!! You can send a message to your friend.

6. If you don’t want to follow this lengthy procedure, you can click on the search section, write your friend’s name, go to the ProfileProfile, and send the message.

You can see how easy the process is, try it out, and find any difficulty; please let me know in the comment section.

Lets Go ahead, We will tell you how to do chats on Buiness Pages of facebook. You can even invite the people from your account to like the business page. So, without further delay, let’s dig into the section. 

Send Messages to the Followers on Facebook Business Account

I have mentioned earlier that messages on Facebook Business accounts can bring you a good conversion. We will give you the step by step guide on how to make notes on the Business page. You can follow the below process.

1. Initially, you have to go to the Facebook Page; just like our Facebook Page, it’s a business account.

2. After that, you can see on the extreme left-hand side that there is an Inbox option. Click that inbox section

3. Once you click it, it will redirect to the messenger section where you can choose the person from the list and pitch them your services.

You can invite friends from Your account to this business page by simply sending them the invites. The best part is that you can choose a few friends to whom you want to invite line by line. SO, yes, it’s a useful feature.

Go to the home page, and there on the right-hand side below, you will find the invite button. You can go there and start inviting friends to your Page.

Besides this, you can send the message in the groups as well, like the Other business pages; you have to send them a request and join the Page. You can personally send private messages there.


Now, you know how to send the messages on Facebook both to the known and unknown Friends. There are so many ways through which you can connect with your friends. We sum up a few methods.

As we have mentioned earlier, you can convert a lot of business by sending messages to build a personal relationship between you and your customer. We hope you like this information, and if you guys like it, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for your patience reading.

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