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How To Start A Blog & Make $4735 Every Month from it

Yes, You read it right, you can also make this much money every month by blogging.
You want to know, how to start a blog. I am here to help you. This article includes the step by step process along with the pictorial and video Stuff.

Blogging can give you multiple benefits:
1. Passive income every month.
2. Free travel, Free Food.
3. Free stuffs, gadgets & Makeup kit, for PR.
4. Most important, you can become your own boss.
If you have other goals apart from this, blogging will help you to achieve such goals. So. Without any delay let’s start it.

The most important thing which you want is the domain name. You must decide some domain name, which is catchy and appealing. Although you can change domain name when you want to do it.

Below, you will find the steps of setting up a blog. The sequence of the steps is important, following are the steps-

Step 1: Picking the blog topic (niche in which you want to work)

Step 2: Pick a domain name & hosting for your blog

Step 3: Install WordPress

Step 4: Setup the design of the blog

Step 5: Install the best WordPress plugins

Step 6: Write your first blog post & Monetize it.

Step 7: Drive traffic and gain more exposure

How to start a Blog with No experience

This blog creation guide is curated for users like you who are just starting out and knows a little or nothing about blogging.  After reading this blog, you can make your own Blog.

Step 1: Picking the blog topic (niche in which you want to work)

Here you have to find the niche or we can say the topic for your blog. So, that you can make your content around that niche. You should choose that niche which you feel confident about, or you know what articles you must write in that.
This is very common practice, if you can count on finger all the topics back to back then that niche is for you.

Now, the next thing is the domain, you have to buy the domain name. Generally, you should opt those names which is at max 12 character long. It must be easy to pronounce and easy to remember.  Just like

Some people even target micro niche, for example Technical SEO is the part of Digital Marketing, rather than choosing digital marketing as niche, they will go for technical SEO. This will help to rank better or might be possible that they will use Technical SEO as a domain name.

When I was about to start a blog, I am really very confused for extension, there are various amount of extension available , but .com has upper authority, never go for .internet, .info sort of extension, it will take good amount of time to rank. I will prefer .com, .in or .org and recommend you the same.

Step 2: Pick a domain name & hosting for your blog

Now, you know what the domain name is, but the question may arise in your mind, where to buy the hosting and domain. When I was starting a blog, this is the big question for me. There are lot of free hosting available on internet, but free hosting is not reliable. After, did a lot of research I come to find Hostinger. An amazing hosting provider, where you can buy hosting at a plan of Rs 45 per month.

You can even use the domain finder, which is an inbuilt feature of Hostinger. Find the plans, which is provided by the company in the below image. The best part is that with premium and business web Hosting you will get SSL certificate and domain name free.

You can choose the single web hosting plan, but I will recommend you to go for premium web hosting. It will give you SSL certificate Free for lifetime and as well as the domain name.

This is the feature, where you will get the option to select domain name along with the extension, it will tell you whether the extension is available or not. You can go for this feature.

Once you choose the plan, the next tab, which will be open is the payment option, where you can choose the year and you can pay via credit card. You can easily see the cards option.

After, all this steps, wopieee!!!!
Your hosting and domain are set. I will recommend you to have email id on your hosting name as it will help you in long run, Now it’s time for wordpress installation and to show some creativity.
Hostinger will cost you nearly 2500 INR for a having a blog straight for a year.

Buy a Hostinger Plan Now- Buy Hosting For $0.99 per Month

 Step 3: Install WordPress

Now, a day’s WordPress is very popular among bloggers, because it is very easy to use. You can even edit your code in that section.
The advantage with Hostinger is that, it will provide you the one clicks installation facility. It will ask you to select the niche and after that your blog will be publish without any delay. You can even edit according to your comfort.
You can go to the dashboard of your website by simply writing the . This way, you can use the dashboard.
The dashboard is look like this-

Step 4: Setup the design of the blog

If you love creativity, this step is for you, WordPress generally works with plugins. With the help pf plugin section, you can download various themes. Few Free themes available there, but I will recommend you go for Astra and elementor as a theme.
In the appearance section you will get the section where you can edit the themes according to you and can put the pictures and colors of your choice.

Hope, you can see the appearance option in the left section. Once you click there, you will get the Customize option, where you can customize you theme as per your need. Below you will find the image of that section too.

You can edit the blog, same as you see on the left-hand side. You can add the slide bar, menu, widget and background image. Apart of these things, here are so many other options as well. Go and check it on your own. You will find it a fun activity. Write me your experience in the blog section as well.

Step 5: Install the best WordPress plugins

WordPress is all about having good number of plugins. Unlike like coding, you can do everything on WordPress with the help of plugins. Like if you want to add background image, you can use plugin.

If you want to add SEO section, you can go for the yoast SEO. It will provide you the section for keywords, meta description and even all the advanced SEO features.

Similarly, When I started my blog, I want to make the grid section for my blogs, then I will get one plugin option to install, now it is really easy for me to make the blog into grid form. Following are the listed plugins, which are good.

1. Best SEO Plugin- rank math & Yoast SEO
2. Theme Plugins- Astra & Elementor
3. Page Optimization- LightSpeed cache
4. G meta keywords- Without premium version of Yoast SEO, you can go for this G meta keywords.
5. Grid view of blogs- Content view
6. Install Courses- WP course or LMS courses.

These are the few best plugins, similarly there are so many plugins like this, you can download it and can even optimize your blog as per your expectations.

Step 6: Write your first blog post

After, all of this hard work, this is the time to write your first ever blog. But before writing a blog some sort of keyword research is important.
If you want to learn that keyword research you can read my blog on
How to do Keyword Research for SEO in 2020?

This is something, how your blog dashboard is look like and you can post your article here
Now, comes the monetize part, the very important step to earn money. Usually there are few ways to earn money.
1. AdSense
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Amazon Affiliate

You need to get AdSense approval for your blog, to start ads on your blog. And, due to that ads you will earn money.
Secondly, affiliate marketing this is the emerging way to earn money, here you have refer products and apps and if a person buy from your referral link then you will get money.

Third and the last option is Amazon affiliate. You can read my article on
Amazon India: Opportunities to earn money from Home

Step 7: Drive traffic and gain more exposure

Finally!! Your blog is successfully published and doing good. But you want to earn more amount then you have to drive more traffic and for that your keyword research should be solid or your on Page ranking factor should be up to the mark.
You can read my following articles on the same, you will able to drive more and more traffic. If you like this article please let me know your views in the comment section.
Essential On-Page Ranking Factor You Need to Know
You can even do competitor analysis before writing a blog, so hat for which keyword they are getting a traffic for that you can read the following blog

Competitor Keyword Checker: Find the keywords for which your competitors Rank

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