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Top 10 ways to make money online in india

In Today’s era, the Internet rules the world. Due to its easy accessibility, the craze is increasing day by day. It will connect people in a fraction of second via video call or social media platforms like Instagram, twitter and Facebook. The learning becomes so easy with the help of YouTube, you can learn almost everything on YouTube.

As due to its easy accessibility the number of users increases day by day, so it will increase the job opportunity, there are so many platforms which will increase your earning opportunity. They require reasonable efforts for a few months and the right skills. I will discuss the opportunity in today’s article. So here are my tips on how to make money online in India. I am sharing the best possible ways which will help you to earn online.

1. Freelancing-

Today due to the internet and laptop, we can do anything from anywhere. Freelancing is just like being your own boss. If you know certain skills, then you will take the project from various sources. Best way to make money online in india at home.Let’s discuss what is freelancing, actually in this field you have to do some work assigned by the respective person, unless like a job you don’t get the salary, but in this you will earn on an hourly basis. I know you must be curious which skills you should know.

In Today’s scenario, the skills which are required for freelancing are writing content, SMM skills, HR skills, onboarding candidates, and teaching.  Although the work like SEO, SMM, website designing, graphic designing and Coding. That can also be done from home without being a regular employee. But you need to know the skills for such work.

2. Influencers-

Yes, you heard it right you can be an influencer as well. Let’s discuss what is the work of an influencer, being an influencer, you need to choose a platform, where you can curate a content and influence your followers. Now, you think where money comes in. If You are an influencer, suppose in the beauty niche then brands will send you the sample to show on your channel, or they even pay you for that.

Similarly, there are platforms which will pay you based on number of views and likes. YouTube is one of those platforms, which will pay you. If you are traveler influencer, then some time the hotels and restaurants will also sponsor you. Again, if you are from Finance niche then there is affiliate opportunity, which will give you money for your lifetime.


Blogging is another way to earn from home, Let’s discuss what is Blogging. In this process you have a website and write a blog on that platform and based on views and clicks you will earn money. For being a blogger, you need to buy hosting and a domain name, once you launched your website by using Content management system like WordPress, then you need some SEO skills to rank your website. Now, the question come how you will earn, Lets discuss.

Google AdSense- You have to signup in Google AdSense for your website. They will run ads in your website and pay you on that basis. This is such a genuine Platform, People even earns $2k monthly from this process. You can even go for blogging, especially if you are a student and an introvert who don’t like to make videos.
This platform is again like google AdSense. Here you have to signup in the platform with the help your website and you will earn due to the ads which company will run on your website.

4. Instagram-

We personally encourage you, if you have such an awesome content, then this platform is for you. But the difference is that content should be visually appealing, like stories or fashion blogging then this platform is for you. You will earn money again by PR activity and such a great platform to showcase your creativity. Your designer dresses and sketch which you made.

You can make series if you love acting and can entertain people and can Increase your followers. Just be consistent and patient focus on your content and you will shine.

5. Amazon India-

In today’s market, work from Home is rising rapidly. Everyone wants to take their business online. Most of the people are struggling for making their online presence. Blogging, vlogging & so many platforms, Peoples are earning like anything. Out of these options one great opportunity come with Amazon India.

I really like amazon in every aspect, whether its delivery time or quality of the product, it’s really an amazing platform. I like their kindle addition as well.

I know you are eagerly waiting for the opportunities which amazon India is offering, so let’s get it started-

Become an Amazon Affiliate-

Amazon Associate-

This program is for bloggers and writers, suppose you are having a blog of digital products, you can make your account in amazon associate and after that you can the personal link, which you can post in your blog. Amazon give you a dashboard in order to track your earning. There is well defined chart of percentage commission, which you can download directly from amazon. You will get the fixed commission on your per sale. In order to activate your account, you need at least one sale per month.

Amazon influencer Program-

This program is for you, if you have good number of followers on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. You should have business account. In this, you must show followers and you will be able to the link as you get in the amazon associate. But the advantage with this program is you can make a storefront, such an amazing option, where you can list a lot of products and make them sell. You can share directly the web address of this storefront and can sell your product.

Create Audio Books-

ACX- An Amazon Subsidiary-

In this program, you can record your own book and amazon can publish your audio books on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Author will be paid as per the royalty per sales.

Publishing Books on Amazon

You can Publish your own book with amazon, but if you don’t want to publish here, you can sell your book on amazon India. You will get a percentage of share on each sale. On amazon you can even run a add and can even increase your reach. But in case the percentage commission is less. You can choose create space by Amazon

CreateSpace by Amazon

CreateSpace is Amazon’s independent publishing company. Authors can self-publish their book through CreateSpace for free. Promotion and distribution will also be free, and an author can set an MRP on their own choice.

Author earns a royalty percentage on each sale. Royalties are calculated based on specifics of the book such as the number of pages, print color, size, and list price. Self-publishing can be a great way for authors to earn a higher percentage of royalties.

Sell Stuff on Amazon-

Amazon FBA- FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon; it provides a best way to sell your product on amazon. You can even use their Amazon’s delivery service and Amazon Prime as well to sell your products. You just must send your product to warehouse of amazon, and they will take care of all the rest of the stuffs. You can earn good amount by this. You need to make your seller account for this. I feel amazon is the best way to make money online in india.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the thing where you get an unique link and you have to write the content to give some information, you can post this unique link and if someone buy any product from that link then you will get certain percentage.

All you need to do is promote a product, and every time someone buys using your link, you get a commission. Sounds cool, right! What makes things even more exciting is that these programs are free to join. All you need is to sign up, and you are good to go!

7. Photography-

If you have a professional camera, having a habit of roaming everywhere with that camera and you love photography then this platform is for you. You can put all your photographs here and if the scroller like it they will pay you for using that picture. They even use your photographs and give credit to you, in this way you will get free publicity.

Similarly, if you are graphic designer you again put your art and pictures on platform like Shutterstock and Pixabay. Show your creativity and earn your bread!!

8. Teaching-

If you are the one who loves teaching, solving physics equations and mathematics problems. Then the platform like Vedantu, chegg will help you to pursue your dreams and teaching wonderful children and you can play an important role in shaping their career.

On the other hand if you are into academics and score good amount of marks in any national exam then unacademy will give you the chance to teach the students who are preparing for the exam. You can share knowledge with such a great number of students.

9. Freelancing on Fiverr-

If you know some coding skills or digital marketing skills then in today’s era its easy to get the clients. Fiverr is such a platform where you must make your profile and showcase your work. On that basis some of the client choose you, here you will get the money on hourly basis. You need to work on the profiles, which must be very good and appealing, so that client can come to you and can give you the work based on your previous work or the experience. You can make money online in india at home with this amazing Platform.

10. Stock Market Trading-

Stock Market Trading is again one of the good methods to earn money, but you must have the knowledge how to utilize the platform, how to choose the stocks and how to sell the stocks. You can earn good amount of money but at the same time the risk is higher if you invest blindly then you will face huge losses, but the calculated risk and intellectual investing will help you to excel this field and earn a good amount.

Usually there are two types of investing one is long term investing and other is short term investing. Short term is known as Trading and the long-term investment is based on value investing. Value investing requires you to hold the money for long and on the other hand in short term you can sell it shortly.

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