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Tanya Khanijow beautiful journey to Arunachal Pradesh

Recently, one night I was surfing Youtube to get the quality content and suddenly I fell into an amazing channel called Tanya Khanijow. I would highly recommend you to go and check out her channel. She is an amazing dude!! I will say Beauty with Dare. God!! She travels the world alone. She dines out in the restaurants alone, she drives to the destination alone along with her camera.

I completely love the content. Okay, so you might be thinking suddenly from where all this came out. I promised you guys in my Bio section that apart from some technical and review stuff, I will try to inspire and motivate you. So, here I am with the Story of Tanya Khanijow, who inspires the hell out of me and seriously I can feel the butterfly in my stomach after seeing all her Videos.

Little Background, Tanya Khanijow is the solo traveller, she owns a youtube channel with 499k followers, her youtube channel is 2 years old..” Follow along for some epic adventures and travel stories that will make you travel vicariously and leave you wanting more from life! Hope you enjoy the videos.” This is the statement written by her. Seriously, when you see her videos, you will start to desire something more from life. Ofcourse, money is important to travel, but she is making money while travelling, so it’s not a bad deal. She is doing something which she loves about.

So, guys if you want to or looking for an inspiration to start something like this on your own then she is the one, whom you can follow and can even start your channel. Today, in this article we will discuss a few videos of her and of course some learnings she actually get from the Places so that in future when you travel somewhere it will help You. I will choose the indian cities and destinations, and will paste the link of the videos as well. Kindly subscribe to the channel and make her popular.

Although, I love each and every video of her but I choose one of them one is Arunachal pradesh video.

Tanya Khanijow journey to Arunachal Pradesh

Okay, so this web series has all in total 5 episodes.Although here she is not alone, she is travelling with four of her friends Nishant, chetan jalan, Joel and Sanaya (The harry Potter Girl).
Guys, just watch out the Trailer, you guys will love it, you can feel all the fun masti and desperately want to go with them on the journey.

Episode 1- Tour of Pasighat

Episode 1 is all started with Rishi da, who will take them to their destination in his Scorpio car.In the middle of the way you can eat pitha with red tea which is an ancient dish.They are in Pasighat. They actually settled in abor city and found a home to stay with chalo hoppo the view is amazing and so is the house. If you want to travel there you can contact them and they will definitely help you.

If you are vegetarian like me, you can easily get the veggies food there, so not to worry but yes the non- veg people has upper hand here. While Travelling from Pasighat to along you will get to Siang river, you must stop there as the view is beautiful. I love the saying of tanya that you should take multipleee stops to actually mesmerize the beauty of destination.

Episode 2: Tour of Along & Mechuka

Episode 2 they Finally reached the along, be careful if you are  travelling in rainy season do carry your raincoats and yes the road is not good at all. Along with a good homestay name Reyi Homestay, you can get the room there. You should try chicken which is cooked with bamboo shoots, it’s really good. After staying along they moved to mechuka. In mechuka you can stay at gebbu’s lodge, it’s affordable and has all the facilities. Basically Mechuka is considered holy water and if you went there please do a hike in Mechuka la.

Episode 3: Roaming Around Mechuka

Episode3 they travelled to Mechuka only, you can visit the Indo china border, civilians are allowed there. In mechuka there is Hanuman temple, gurdwara and a museum which is built by army officers. I would highly recommend going through her videos, you will love it. After travelling all these places you can head towards doorling from mechuka. One thing I came to know about this episode is that the arunachal pradesh loves bollywood, even a small kid sings a song of bollywood like they learn the song. Such a beautiful place with so much greenery and mountains. One saying of Tanya which I like the most is that two things which really connect us are Bollywood and Maggie, So true!!.

Episode 4: Final Journey to Dambuk

Episode4 So today’s Story starts with Dambuk, you should visit Artiste Village. Ohh God!! Seriously, the sun sets at 4-5:30 Pm this really shocks me. Dambuk is really famous for Oranges, so if you are there do visit Orange orchards. After Orange Orchards do visit the rafting Spot, just a thrilling experience. Do Visit Guys. In this Journey she get to know 4-5 more people. Shanaya Left her, what I come to know from this journey is nothing is permanent, people come and go and in the same way life goes on. Just cherish the moment and feel the experiences. And yes, the beautiful Journey ends here.


So, this series ends here, but her journey doesn’t end here. Literally she travelled to a good number of states and places. Her journey is so amazing, it feels like you travel with her. Man, she did everything on her. She took you to the amazing Places along with her.

I would highly recommend watching the Nagaland Series, you will get an idea how to travel, where to stay and how to go along with the journey to such beautiful places all alone, how to make new friends and yes how to live life to the fullest. Hope you like this cover, the whole purpose of this video is to motivate and inspire you to accept the unique ideas and to learn from Others. We all love you Tanya Khanijow.

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