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Technical SEO Checklist: A road-map to perfect SEO Audit

Technical SEO is basically the SEO in which you judge your website in terms of technical aspects, you will try to make your website technically perfect. All those aspects are Page speed, robot.txt, canonical tags, Page responsiveness and many more. We will discuss all of them in detail.
Technical SEO will help you to rank faster and give you a chance to be better as compared to your competitor. So, without making any delay let’s dig into the content.

Technical SEO Checklist which you must know:

Crawlers like Google used to crawl those sites which allows them to crawl, so by adding a sitemap you actually invite the crawler to crawl your page and content, similarly Robot.txt will send the update to crawlers that don’t crawl this page as the page is not ready yet.

Following are the Technical SEO aspects which you should keep in your mind while doing audits.

1. Sitemap:

Sitemap is basically the list of links which will help the crawler to know the navigation of the page or you can set the priority as well, like which page you want to crawl first. Sitemap is the crucial part as when it is not available, might be possible that important pages will never come in front of crawler.

How can you generate Sitemap?

  1. If you are a wordpress user then many plugins are available like Yoast SEO, with the help of this plugin without any efforts you can generate a sitemap and it will be available on . In the below picture you can see how Sitemap looks like.
  2. If you are using a website which is developed by developers by using Codes then there are good numbers of generators available in google that’s too free of cost. You can use any one of them.


Robot.txt is a file which tells the crawler how to crawl the website and you can also mention which crawler you want to allow and which crawler you don’t want. 

Basic format:

User-agent: [user-agent name]Disallow: [URL string not to be crawled]

Suppose, you don’t want to crawl a particular page then you can use this Robot.txt and if you want to crawl then there is no need to add robot.txt because by default, it will allow crawlers to crawl the page.

Blocking all web crawlers from all content

User-agent: * Disallow: /

This will allow all the crawler to access the content

Allowing all web crawlers access to all content

User-agent: * allow:

3. Canonical Tags

Canonical Tags are the one which will tell the crawler which version should be indexed. Generally two versions are there like http or https, sometimes both are indexed and it may arise the duplicate issue. So, if we use Canonical Tags that means I will give a single version to Google that please index this only. It will help you to maintain the unique content and can even remove the duplicate issue.

4. Set up Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is the one which will be used to index the particular link, sometimes it happens that you published your article but google will not index them, then you have to submit that link in the search console, it will help you to index immediately.

 Apart from this you can fix the technical errors from there too like Mobile index issue, mobile view issue etcs. You can temporarily block your page from getting indexed or if some of your article was deleted and it is still there on google and showing broken links you can fix them from here or by using Robot.txt.

5. Check Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open source framework that helps to load publishers’ websites quickly. AMP features lessen the Java script, CSS component and CDN and enhance the performance of pages on Mobile. AMP is again an important aspect because nowadays users on mobile are more compared to laptops and desktops.

Why is AMP Important?

1.AMP is important from an SEO point of view, because Google News Carousel started giving preference to those articles who have AMP features. Everyone wants to get listed there for advertisement Purposes. So, you must include this if you are targeting Google News.

2.As we all know that Mobile users are more compared to Pcs and laptops. So, if a person is looking for Nearbuy restaurants then your sites should be loaded within 3 seconds, as it can increase your sales.


Http abbreviated for HyperText Transfer Protocol, is used over the Internet for communication on device networks. Http, this address is not secure.

Whereas https stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure and is used to communicate with others on device networks, this address is secure because here the transfer of data is done via secure medium.

Google gives preference to https, if you don’t have SSL certificate i.e https version and your competitor will have that then google will give chance to your competitor. So, yes this is important from an SEO point of view.

7. Structured Data or Schema:

Google crawler gives preference to the blogs, articles and pages, who update their structure data. This is the new normal. Nowadays you can see the snippets on the search engines which will give the information like ratings and stars which will help you to get the overview in the Fraction of seconds. That Structure data is normally written and can be tested on Google data testing tool.

8. Website Speed:

Site speed refers to how fast your website responds when a user clicks on the URL that redirects them to your site. As per Google PageSpeed standards, site speed is an essential metric which will increase your ranking or can decrease it. 

How can you check website Speed?

Good number of tools are available on google but there is one tool known as GTmetrix that is used for checking the website speed. You simply have to put the link and it will show you the complete information like due to which factor it is taking more time to load, where you have to optimize the page and it will show the factors like minify HTML and javascript, Use CDN, can reduce the image size etc and we personally find it easy to use.

Try to minimize your loading time, ideally it should be 3 seconds. According to research if your website will take 19 seconds to load then you may lose 7% of the sale.


PWAMP stands for Progressive web accelerated Mobile Page. In todays era where the competition is increasing day by day, everyone wants to give the better user experience to the customer, PWAMP is one of the technologies which includes the combination of PWA and AMP.
AMP makes the website mobile friendly whereas PWA helps in downloading the picture fast and makes our website both feel and look better.


While doing SEO audits or when you are working on a new website then such parameters are really important to take care of. If you are looking for a complete and advanced Technical SEO checklist then this article is for you. We try our best to compile the best list, hope you like this checklist.

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