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Ubersuggest free keyword Tool: Know About in Detail

If your main aim is to drive traffic and you yourself belongs to Blogger community, then you know how important Keywords and keywords Tool are.
In the market, there are various paid and free tools are available among them, one of the amazing tools is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is the product of Famous and brilliant digital Marketer The Neil Patel.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an amazing tool, which is used for keyword research. Although, it provides something more then keyword research, you can discover it slowly.

If you are a newbie and want to explore some free tool then I will suggest you to go with Ubersuggest. You will get updated information, you can even find the trending topic and can even analyze the competitors website, without paying a penny.

You can n see in the above Image; this is the place where you can do the keyword research. You have to simply put the keyword and change the country name, where you want to target the keyword, it will show you in that language.
Let’s do it, because to understand it properly you must do it your own. For a instance our keyword is “negative interest rate”.

Here, you can see the overview for the keyword negative Interest rate. It will show you the search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty and cost per click.

Such an amazing Free tool. On the extreme left you can see the features it will offer you. The features are Keyword Ideas and content ideas and in the traffic analyzer you come to know the top pages ranking for that keyword.

One more section i.e SEO analyzer it will help you in SEO audit, helps you to improve Technical SEO and can even tell you the backlinks to rank a keyword and a blog.

This is the graph representation of your keyword; it includes both mobile volume and desktop volume for complete 1 year. Even you can see the one line above which will tell you that the pages which will rank for this keyword has domain score of 91 and have 8 backlinks.

This image will show you the list of keywords some relevant keywords for which you might can even rank for. You can see you can even include the keyword “what does negative interest rate mean”., as the difficulty to rank is less. In this way you can even get the ideas for the keywords you can rank for more. You will get the handful suggestions. Apart from this you even get the ideas for the content you can write or the content which will rank on first page for the same keyword

Before start writing for a keyword, you must look for the content which is rank on first page, you need to take suggestions from the content and then start writing your article, as this way you will have the idea what actually an audience is searching, and you are able to deliver the best.

How we can analyze Competitors strategy by using UberSuggest?

If you are into blogging that knowing competitor strategy and works accordingly is important for writing a blogs, ubersuggest free keyword tool will help you in that as well.

You just simply have to put the link and you will get the graph, it will show you that how many traffic their blog will get and total keywords are in top 10 and top 100. You can see the number of organic keywords and organic monthly traffic their blog is getting and their domain score along with the backlinks they have.

This section will tell you the keywords for which the competitors are ranking and their respective traffic. You can even understand your strategy and try to get more traffic from them.
You can analyze the traffic well and target the keyword to rank.

Below image will tell you the content or the title for which your competitors blogs are ranking and the estimated traffic they are getting from them. Before writing the content you should analyze this articles and then try to rank for that, you will definitely be successful!


Ubersuggest is an extremely valuable keyword research tool and in any event, utilizing the free form, you can investigate a great deal of watchwords and substance though

I have recently referenced a couple of the most fundamental highlights of Ubersuggest in this article. There are a great deal of more highlights as well.

Neil Patel has made a stunning video wherein he clarifies Ubersuggest. Watch it here.

Do tell me your experience of utilizing Ubersuggest in the remarks segments.

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