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CRED App Review: Is CRED App Safe?

Yesterday, I was lying on the Sofa and watching KBC. Suddenly an advertisement appeared and it was so creative, that I am not able to resist and engrossed in the ad and it’s all about CRED. After that because of my curiosity, we tried to gather all the information and after using that app for a month we decided to write a Review on the Cred app. So, here we come up with Cred App Review.

We all know that after spending from credit cards you have to repay the bills, to date we are paying that through some online mode. Cred comes up with an app that you can pay back these bills via the cred app. This is simply their business model. But hold on there is a lot to know more about the Cred app and you will get good information in Cred app review.

Cred card payment app
1. Cred Review: What is a Cred app?
2. How does the Cred App work?
3. CRED App Review and Benefits
4. How to make payment in the Cred app?
5. Is the Cred app Free to use?
6. Is the CRED app safe?
7. Who should use this app?
8. Conclusion

Cred Review: What is a Cred app?

Cred app is the app or the one point destination if you want to pay all your credit card bills along with a good amount of cashback or offers.

It is also equipped with the cred which is the feature made by the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), that keeps the record of every action taken by you on the platform – right from due date reminders, spending patterns, and other cards usage statistics.

Cred app is founded by Mr. Kunal Shah, he already proved himself in this fintech sector, as he was the founder of Freecharge also, which was later taken over by snapdeal. Cred app has backing from some well-known venture capitalists & firms, prominent ones being Sequoia Capital, RPT Global, and Morningside Ventures.

How does the Cred work?

Cred app working is so simple, you have to sign up in the app in short you have to apply for the membership. Following are the steps:

1.Apply for Cred Membership: Log in to the app with your name and number and apply to be a member.

2.Pay your credit card bills: Verify your cards, pay your credit card bills, and earn equal earned coins.

3.Claim Exclusive rewards: Use cred coins to claim rewards from brands you love and enjoy the CRED experience.

A .First and foremost step is to apply in the Cred app and get the membership. You have to sign up by using your name, number, and Pan card details, after this process they may hold you in the process if your cibil score is low. Generally, more than 750 cibil score is only eligible to get this membership.

B. Second step is to add Credit card details, it will work only when you have a credit card. Once they approve your registration it will ask you to add the credit card details, the cred app doesn’t ask your CVV or expiry date.

Once you feed up the details they transact Rs.1 to your account to prove the authentication. Woahh!! Now, you can use the app with full access.

There are two things which you can earn in the exchange for your regular due payment:

1. Coins: You can collect coins and can use this coin for further amazing offers like doc app consultation, yoga tutorials, etc. You will get the coins equal to the amount of bill you paid. Suppose your bill amount is Rs. 20,000 then you will get 20,000 coins in the exchange for it. Hurray!! Now, you can use this coin with a good amount of offers.

2. Gems: Another Category is to earn gems, You can collect gems and avail good amount of offers by spending gems. As per the latest offer, you can refer the app to someone and can earn 10 gems. So, what you are waiting to go and refer the app to your friend.

CRED App Review and Benefits:

Benefit #1: Exclusive Cash Back Offers (#Killthebill)

The first benefit is you will get an exclusive cashback offer on your purchase. Suppose you ordered food worth more than Rs.1000 online by using a credit card, then you will get a coupon in which you may get some amount that will be credited back to your credit card.

Benefit #2: Discount Offers

Some people may find this is the major and lucrative benefit of the Cred app. Cred app is associated with various brands and it will give you coupons of various brands.

For example:

You will get one of the offers of a “30% discount on Livas” but still you have to pay the full amount as you are not going to get any discount on your payment and you will avail of this offer only when you are going to shop something on the offer app. So, Such types of offers will give you a chance to explore the new brands.

Offer in cred app

Benefit #3: You Can use Coins and avail Free things.

In this offer, you have to collect a good amount of points and once you collect sufficient coins, there are several gifts available which you can avail in the exchange of coins. 

For example, you collected 2000 coins and free workout subscriptions are available in these 2000 coins, you can avail that service without spending a single penny.

This is something unique and exciting and will encourage you to pay the bills on time and get the coins such an amazing offer.

Fit Life Offer in Cred app

Benefit #4: Analysis of your Spending and Tracking Credit Score

In this section, you can analyze your spending pattern, especially when you have multiple credit cards and can track where you are spending more like in shopping, groceries, or something else. This will help you to track and control your savings.

Spending Analysis in Cred app

Not only this you can track your credit score also, I feel by giving this feature will make it easier to check the credit score just like account balance. The more you check, the more you become aware of it.

How to make payment ?

Paying credit card bills via the CRED app is very easy, just click on pay now, enter the amount and click proceed. After that, you can pay via debit card, Neft/Imps, and UPI also. Once you pay your bills you will get coins and scratch cards which you have to redeem for using it further.

Is the Cred app Free to use?

Nothing is Free in this world, you have to pay someone for something directly or indirectly. So, is the case with the cred app.

As of now, they are giving good offers to you, but as we already mentioned earlier that they are associated with different brands, and by giving you the offers they are simply providing the leads to the company. In the exchange for it, they are getting money, which is their business model.

So, keep watch on your expenditure or purchase pattern. You might end up spending more because of the offer. Keep this in your mind and use the app.

Don’t try the over expensive brands just to avail of the offer. Simply, Just enjoy the app and earn your rewards.

Is the CRED app safe?

Okay, if someone will ask me to give the bank details and credit card details this question arises, whether the cred app is safe?, should I give the details?

We all know that the founder of the CRED app is Mr. Kunal Shah, the reputation of the CEO is well and good as this is not his first fintech app. On the other hand, the cred app didn’t ask your Cvv or the expiry date. So, you can trust the app.

While downloading the app, just like other apps it will ask you to get the access, if you want to give the access you can otherwise simple say no to the app.

Who should use this app?

The app cannot be used by everyone, which we observed until now. Following people with these qualities can use the app with all the ease. Read the same on cred app review

  1. Payers who have High credit card Score
  2. People who will pay their credit bills on time without any delay.


CRED app benefits are over and above the credit card rewards & cashback. There is no reason to miss such amazing rewards which you will get just by paying the bills. You have to pay the bill anyway if not via app then via Neft/imps/UPI, so let’s try the Cred app.

I would love to use the CRED app for its beautiful design, ease of payments, and value of reward points. Maybe in the future, I hope it will be available for the people who have a lower Credit card score. So, big Thumbs up for the app. we hope, you like this CRED App Review. You can read our article on investment in stock market.

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