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Sharekhan Brokerage calculator: Calculate Your Net Profit

Sharekhan brokerage calculator ” is a free tool or calculator to calculate your brokerage and charges, which include, unlike others, stamp duty also while showing results. Usually, other competitors are missing or not have stamp duty while calculating results.

You can use this calculator to calculate Total Brokerage Charges & Taxes, Break Even Point (Per Share), and Net Profit or Loss Per Trade upfront quickly or conveniently. Sharekhan’s calculator’s primary goal is to calculate or find the accurate brokerage charges for equity delivery, Intraday, Future & Options, and currency derivatives.

Brokerage is one part of the charges or amount you pay to the broker, but five other charges/Fees affect your breakeven point. This will depend on your turnover income, segments, state, and some other factors. To find your exact cost amount, you need a one and complete solution; you can visit the Sharekhan Brokerage calculator and see the same.

This will help you to match your contract note and find the accuracy. If there is the case that you find some hidden charges in your contract note, you immediately should contact your broker. This tool will work for both standards as well as flexible brokerage plans

Sharekhan Intraday Brokerage Calculator

For a day trader, profits matter a lot, and transactions need to be tackled according to the brokerage charge.

This is generally done to ensure the right amount of profit, and one shouldn’t have to pay hefty charges. The Sharekhan Intraday Brokerage Calculator can provide amazing assistance on the same.

Intraday charges are pretty low, precise, and with the Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator, it is easy to calculate as it involves precision.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example.

Suppose you bought 500 shares of rs 30 and sell them at rs. 50. So, the total turnover will be 40,000. As per the charges, it will charge 0.10%, and the amount you have to pay is rs. 40.

Sharekhan Option Brokerage Calculator

Sharekhan Option derivative investors got to pay a brokerage on a per lot basis. 

So all the number of lots an investor buys or purchase, has to pay Rs.100 per lot. This calculation can also be made by using the Sharekhan Calculator (Option Brokerage).

Let’s assume you all bought 12 option lots, at whatever price, and you wish to sell at some higher price. So, if you want to know the chargers you can use the sharekhan calculator, and as per the example it will charge you 1200 rs

Sharekhan Future Brokerage Calculator

Proceeding onward to the future brokerage charge, they are the instruments shielded from market Fluctuation.You have a risk of installment, represented 0.10%, for each exchange you embrace. Additionally, the charge is taken on the general turnover basis.

Suppose you bought the number of 400 shares, and you paid Rs. 40 for each share and you sold that share for Rs.50. You can calculate the brokerage amount by using Sharekhan Future Brokerage Calculator and it will cost you Rs. 36.

Sharekhan Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Delivery trading is very general and essential. To invest in this category, you need to pay a brokerage charge of 0.50% in the overall amount. Lets, take an example and understand the delivery brokerage charges completely.

Examples are always a better way of understanding. With the help of examples, you come to know how the brokerage calculator works. Buy 1000 shares of a company at Rs.30 and sell them later on at Rs.50. So, the total turnover will be 80,000. Meanwhile, the 0.50% charges will be the percentage that will be deducted in the form of commissions. The total amount deducted in the name of delivery charges will be Rs.400

Sharekhan Commodity Brokerage Calculator

Keep yourself updated for the brokerage charges rates. You can use Sharekhan Commodity Brokerage Calculator to get an idea of the expanse you would incur.

Here, you can see the example in which you can learn how to  use the Brokerage Calculator for calculating your profit. The charge being 0.10%, if you buy 300 shares, each at Rs.50, and wish to sell them at 60, you will pay an amount of Rs.33 The turnover on total amount,will be Rs.33000.

Sharekhan Calculator – Conclusion

We hope that this information on calculators will help you calculate the Brokerage Calculator’s right brokerage measure.  We did thorough research on calculators and jotted down all the information here in the form of an article.

With the help of calculators, you can calculate the brokerage quickly and accurately. This way you can see how much of your profits you can make, or have already made.

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